100% renewable electricity buses between Basel and EuroAirport – Le Journal des Entreprises

Since mid-January, the line 50 service between Basel and EuroAirport (2021 revenue: €104 million, net profit: €4.5 million, 334 employees, 3.6 million passengers) has been provided by buses double-jointed electrics. The objective is to reduce emissions related to the transport of passengers and employees from Basel. The stops on the line have been reviewed and EuroAirport has installed two charging stations at the terminus of the trinational airport. Line 50 is served by the Swiss public establishment BVB (Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe, in 2021, operating income: approximately €254 million, 1,362 employees, 88 million passengers per year), which has undertaken to modernize and convert its entire fleet of buses to battery-electric e-buses by 2027. The buses are powered by 100% renewable electricity. This project is part of the airport CO2 emissions reduction program.

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