2 out of 3 companies do not survive a fire!

Whether your company rents or owns its professional premises, it is essential that these are perfectly insured, so that, in the event of a claim, the sustainability of your business is not jeopardized.

What goods are affected?

All types of real estate are concerned: workshops, depots, offices, as well as residential buildings, industrial sites, warehouses, etc.

What can be the consequences of a disaster?
You should know that in France, 2 out of 3 companies do not survive a fire. However, unfortunately, 860 fires break out every day on the territory. Similarly, there are 170 water damage per hour and 2 natural disasters per week!

How to protect the assets of your company? Against what ?
You must take out insurance to cover many risks: fires, water damage, theft, vandalism, but also storms, snowfall or mudslides. And this, whether for the destruction of the property itself or its contents. Also think of an operating loss guarantee after material damage.

SMABTP by your side
Today, SMABTP insures more than 180 million m² of premises and buildings. It is one of the leading French insurers in the professional world and the benchmark for insurance of social housing stock. Whether you need to insure your business premises, your site installations, whether you operate an infrastructure project or whether you are a non-occupant owner, there is a solution adapted to your situation. With SMABTP, you gain peace of mind and you are sure to be well supported in the insurance of your property.

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The SMA group is present everywhere in France; find the Advisor closest to you.

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