2022, a “bumpy” and paradoxical year, according to statistics

After the shock caused by the pandemic, housing production has not regained a stable pace. Government services, which compile the number of permits and housing starts monthly, unveiled, at the end of January, those for December, and therefore, both those for the last quarter of 2022 and those for the entire year. The result is an up and down year for 2022, in terms of authorizations, in particular. At issue: two administrative deadlines, one on January 1 and the other in August, which rushed permit applications, just before they collapsed.

This is, of course, the RE2020, the new regulations for the construction of housing, which entered into force on January 1, 2022. In view of the record number of applications submitted before this date, the first – but also the second – quarter saw permissions explode. The other deadline concerned only tense areas and collective housing but is nevertheless clearly distinguished in the statistics: it concerns aid to mayor builders (renamed along the way “aid to sustainable construction” and included in the France recovery plan), which ended in the middle of the year.

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