45-8 Energy finances the development of its mobile helium recycling unit – Le Journal des Entreprises

The helium extraction specialist in Metz, the start-up 45-8 Energy (26 employees), announces in a press release that it has won a grant of €439,000 to support the development of its mobile helium recycling unit, called Recycl’He. Granted by the Grand Est Region and the government, as part of the France 2030 Plan, this grant should make it possible to launch Recycl’He at the end of 2023. “The Recycl’He solution was born from a strong observation: today we are witnessing to a global shortage of helium and an increase in the strategic uses of this gas (electronics, lifting, medicine, recycling of precious metals, etc.) And yet 99% of the helium used in Europe is rejected into the ‘atmosphere after single use’, details the company.

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