a leader in the extruded polystyrene market

Ravago Building Solutions, born from the takeover by the Ravago Group of the extruded polystyrene – XPS – production units of Knauf Insulation and Dow Chemical, and benefits from the long expertise of these two companies in the thermal insulation market.

This entity is today the largest producer of extruded polystyrene foam insulation in Europe. It operates 9 production units in Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom, including two in France: in Drusenheim in Alsace, where the very first range of XPS insulation was produced nearly 60 years ago; and, in Artix in Béarn.

All plants use the latest extrusion technologies which give extruded polystyrene insulation a unique homogeneous closed cell structure and a smooth extrusion skin on each side. This structure, originally guaranteeing the high long-term thermal and mechanical performance of extruded polystyrene foam insulation, contributes to the energy efficiency and comfort of all types of buildings, both new and under renovation. All XPS European production units are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 classified and are subject to rigorous quality control.

XPS insulation from the former Dow Chemical and Knauf Insulation lines – STYROFOAM And POLYFOAM – acclaimed for decades by building stakeholders and with a long reputation for quality are now marketed under the brand RAVATHERMTM XPS.

This new range comes in different thicknesses, side edge finishes, extrusion skins and compressive strengths (from 30 to 70 tonnes/m2). They can thus be adapted to all the performance requirements of the various thermal insulation applications for new buildings and renovations, from the simplest to the most restrictive. In new buildings, they offer solutions for sloping roofs, roof terraces with reverse insulation, car parks, walls, basements and buried walls, thermal rafts, screeds, paving and parapets, but also for renovation with the Duo roof. . They offer architects and specifiers multiple possibilities to satisfy their creative biases and meet new requirements in terms of energy efficiency.

Range RAVATHERMTM XPS is marketed by a team present in five major French regions, assisted by a technical department offering customers advice and support during all stages of project design.

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