A Master’s in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering in Cholet in September 2023 – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

At the start of the school year next September, a Masters in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering will open in Cholet. This two-year work-study program is set up by the association of chartered accountants from Cholet, Experc, in partnership with the Cnam des Pays de la Loire, which will provide it on its premises. “We already opened a CAA (Accounting, Control, Audit) license in Cholet in 2019 on a work-study basis, specifies Benjamin Bellier, president of Experc, and we wanted to go further with this Master’s which currently only exists in Paris. There is a real need locally: Recruitment in our professions is tight and this will make it easier to retain young employees in the region.” At the next start of the school year in September, around fifteen students should be welcomed. The objective is to reach a workforce of approximately 25 people within a few years.

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