a positive but somewhat disappointing 2022 report

Solar photovoltaic is certainly continuing to develop, but its results at the end of 2022 are a little disappointing. Admittedly, 743 megawatts of new capacity were connected in the 4th quarter, a volume significantly higher than what was recorded in the previous quarter (572 MW). Over the year as a whole, an additional 2.4 gigawatts were thus connected to the network.

Figures far from negligible but which do not rise to the level of 2021, according to Antoine Huard, the president of the think tank France Territoire Solaire: “This 4th quarter concludes a year 2022 marked by good dynamics in most market segments, but which nevertheless does not manage to exceed the record set in 2021 at 2.57 GW”.

In its Photovoltaic Solar Energy Observatory, published quarterly, France Territoire Solaire notes increases in capacity in all installation segments, with one exception:

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