After a “cyclical crisis”, wood pellets now “have enormous potential”

2022 will have been a trying year for wood pellet professionals. Because of a “cyclical crisis” which caused demand to explode, they had to adapt in order to be able to meet the needs of the 1.7 million French households equipped with a pellet stove. The outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine caused international energy market prices to soar, resulting in higher gas and electricity bills. Combined with the general increase in costs (transport, packaging, etc.) observed since the Covid pandemic, and with that more specific to wood, the price of pellets then increased significantly.

to wood pellets, the National Union of Wood Pellet Producers (SNPGB), the

(SER), the French Union of Biomass Boilermakers (SFCB) and the Federation of Stove and Chimney Installers (FIPC) explain that this

logically unbalanced the market.

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