After a hectic year, CDC Habitat maintains its ambitions for 2023

Anne Sophie Grave, president of the executive board of CDC Habitat, presented the group’s results to more than 500,000 housing units (including 400,000 social housing), on April 13. Results that are both exceptional on the financial level, and below the objectives on the operational level.

At 580 million euros, net income was up very sharply compared to 2021 (+64%). A surplus “entirely due to Operation Lamartine”, specifies Anne-Sophie Grave from the outset. This operation, launched in 2022 with the specific aim of financing development, has produced, in a very short time, “exceptional capital gains”.

8,200 homes acquired and resold the same year, representing half of the French residential market for the year

In concrete terms, the CDC Habitat group and its subsidiary Ampère Gestion have created the Lamartine fund, made up of more than 8,200 intermediate and free housing units, 85% of whose shares were acquired by CNP Assurances following a competitive process.

You have 75% left to discover.

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