Aid for energy renovation? It’s simple and operational

With its MOOC, the OSCAR program offers free online training accessible to all, to better understand and control financial aid for energy renovation.

Since its launch in 2022, the OSCAR program (for Optimization and Simplification of CEEs for Renovation Craftsmen) mobilizes with players in the building sector by offering innovative and operational solutions to more easily understand financial aid for energy renovation, in particular MaPrime Renov’ and CEE.

Concrete solutions for players in the construction industry

“Complex”, “stressful”, “difficult to manage”… the difficulties expressed by craftsmen and craft businesses when discussing the energy savings certificate system are numerous. To respond to this and mobilize these players who are essential to the energy transition, the OSCAR program led by the ATEE has chosen to get involved by proposing concrete solutions adapted to the players in the sector.

How ? By training Renovation Aid Referents (RAR), recruited from distributors, trading networks, federations, professional organizations and within the network of France Rénov advisors. True relays of the program in the field, these “RAR” are destined to become the key interlocutors of craftsmen and construction companies, with whom they will in turn be able to multiply their knowledge. By supporting this transmission of knowledge and skills, the OSCAR program intends to best help craftsmen and craft businesses throughout France to understand and master the financial aid schemes for energy renovation in order, ultimately, to integrate them into their commercial offer.

Since January 2023 and the deployment of the training, 273 Renovation Assistance Referents have been trained! They are now active in the field. Proof of its usefulness, the OSCAR program also has 3,384 professionals registered for its online training.

The MOOC, the essential training for training in the challenges of energy renovation

1st essential step in the training of RAR, the MOOC of the OSCAR program is accessible to the entire building sector wishing to find out about financial aid, on simple registration. Completely free and validated by the partners of the OSCAR program, this MOOC is the ideal format for training, at your own pace, in the challenges of energy renovation and financial aid. Designed for all levels, novices as well as experts in CEE or Ma Prime Rénov’, it allows everyone to learn, update or complete their knowledge, thanks to a fun, educational and interactive approach alternating texts, video and infographics. .
Accessible everywhere, all the time, on desktop as on mobile, it can be followed in one or more times. Each learner can thus adapt their course according to their level of knowledge and their schedule.
Fast and completely free, registration for the MOOC is accessible from the OSCAR program website.
The OSCAR program brings together all the representative bodies of the building and energy sectors. It is supported by ATEE, in partnership with the Ministry of Energy Transition and Territorial Cohesion, ADEME, ANAH, CAPEB, FFB and federations of building equipment and materials distributors (FDMC , Coedis).

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