Alsa yeast made in Strasbourg – Le Journal des Entreprises

The German group Dr Oetker (Turnover: €2.4 billion; workforce: 12,000), owner of the Alsa brand, is relocating the production of baking yeasts to Strasbourg, after the sale of its historic site in Ludres, in Meurthe-et-Moselle. All of Alsa’s production will thus be brought together in the Alsatian capital, where preparations for desserts and cakes are already made. To do this, a new production line dedicated to yeast was commissioned at the beginning of the year (amount of the investment not communicated). Alsa yeast will continue to be 90% produced in France, with the remainder being made in Germany and Italy, according to the owner. The latter makes a point of specifying, following a confusion in certain media: “It was never the intention of the Dr. Oetker group to cease its production and marketing activities in France. On the contrary, between the Covid-19 and the raw materials crisis, having several manufacturing sites in Europe has proven to be a wise choice to avoid production disruptions in recent years.”

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