Annecy “wants to regain control of the housing market to regulate it”

A new municipality since 2017, Annecy has entered, with the merger of six municipalities in the center of its agglomeration, into the fairly closed club of large cities, with now 130,000 inhabitants. Located in the area of ​​attraction of Geneva, the capital of Haute-Savoie faces a very tight housing market, where prices reach the level of large cities, even Paris.

The old communes, which remained, as provided for by law, delegated communes within the new commune, until the 2020 elections, were all, except one, led by teams classified on the right or in the center (let us mention the UDI Jean -Luc Rigaut, former mayor of Annecy, or LR Bernard Accoyer, former mayor of Annecy-le-Vieux).

However, it was a citizen list led by the ecologist François Astorg, who sat in opposition to the Annecy municipal council, which won the last elections. The latter has allied, significantly, with the local LREM deputy Frédérique Lardet, in the second round of the municipal elections of 2020. She will take, with the support of the new mayor, the head of the urban community of Greater Annecy (34 municipalities).

Faced in particular with “an uncontrolled real estate market, marked by the laissez-faire attitude of outgoing teams”and a very unequal distribution of the 21% of social housing that counts the city, the environmentalist and citizen team promises to“engage the city in the ecological, democratic and social transition”. At the heart of the draft mandate: “the ecological shift, social justice, democratic renewal and the local economy”explains, in an interview, the deputy mayor in charge of sustainable development and housing, and the only former left-wing mayor of the six merged municipalities, Nora Segaud-Labidi.

What were your housing objectives when you took over?

You have 65% left to discover.

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