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The Association for Executive Employment (Apec) presented on April 4 the latest trends in the employment market for executives in the South Region and Corsica, which represent nearly 6% of executive employment in France. . After the soft patch of 2020, linked to the consequences of the Covid pandemic, recruitment started to rise again and increased by 16% over one year in 2022 in the South Region, i.e. growth above the national average (+ 15%).

The Bouches-du-Rhône at the head of recruitment

In 2022, 20,270 executive recruitments took place in the Paca and Corsica regions (308,000 recruitments at national level). The net balance of executives (including hirings and departures) increased from 228,860 to 232,280 between the end of 2021 and the end of 2022, i.e. a slight increase of 1.5%.

On the regional territory, the Bouches-du-Rhône concentrate nearly 55% of the offers published by Apec in 2022, against 22% for the Alpes-Maritimes and 9% for the Var. Unsurprisingly, the families of professions concerned by these offers are the same as at the national level, ie IT development, accounting, auditing or IT infrastructure and systems. “Digital activities are developing and today affect all professions”, comments Barbara Aubert, manager of the Apec center in Toulon.

20,770 recruitments planned in Paca and Corsica in 2023

The Apec survey also considers recruitment forecasts for 2023 through a survey conducted by telephone between November 2022 and January 2023 among 592 companies of all sizes. At the national level, as in the Paca region and Corsica, given the national and international economic situation, the trend is towards stability. The number of executives recruited would increase from 20,270 to 20,770, an increase of 2%.

These hires would mainly (67%) come from SMEs. A rate which is explained by the nature of the economic fabric in Paca, strongly made up of small businesses. Unsurprisingly too, it is the services that will recruit the most (75%), against only 11% for industry, 9% in commerce and 5% in construction.

Another striking element brought to light by the survey, nearly half of the recruitments of 2023 would concern executives with less than five years of experience. “One of the major challenges of 2023 for Apec is to change the view and practices of companies on seniors”, we comment within the association. “We must also encourage companies to work better on their employer brand in order to be more in line with job demand. Many executives today are looking for meaning in their work. The market has changed and companies are still too often find it difficult to keep up with this development”, concludes Sabine Montagu, corporate relations consultant at Apec in the Var.

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