architects insist on the need for training

Schedule, formalities, skills required… the Mon accompanieur rénov’ system, which is intended to become central to the energy renovation policy of housingstill raises many questions, to which the Council of the Order of Architects endeavors to answer, in a webinar recorded in April and available online.

This new role, the outlines of which have been imagined in the Sichel report delivered in March 2021, was formally introduced as part of the Climate and Resilience Law promulgated in August of the same year. Calling on this type of actor will become mandatory from September 1st when the work scenario meets two conditions: to have recourse to more than 10,000 euros in MaPrimeRénov’ aid and to carry out at least two work actions. Several rules have been introduced by the public authorities in order to guarantee the neutrality of the professional who will carry out this task. The renov’ guide (AR) will be responsible for accompanying a household throughout the operation.

Architects, natural candidates

Architects are among the most natural candidates for the post of RA, as Valérie Mancret-Taylor, general manager of theAnahin our columns. “We hope that many professionals, architects, design offices, will get involved. We are optimistic, because there is a real dynamic in the field of energy renovation”. The platform for submitting approval applications will be available from July 1 on the France rénov’ portal for architects. It is the National Housing Agency (Anah) that will issue the approvals.

The missions of the Renovation Accompanist are different from those of aid agents, explains Simon Corteville, project manager at Anah. They are much wider: in fact, “the renovation guide manages everything” : he is “with the household for all technical, administrative and financial matters”. The whole, “independently”he recalls.

Missions and skills required

The main missions of the RA, detailed in the decree of December 21, 2022, are firstly the energy audit and the diagnostic the situation of the household and the state of the accommodation (excluding energy). Then come help with the search for a business, the financing plan, the assembly of aid files, the monitoring of work, and assistance with reception. Finally, don’t forget the handling aid,“which includes completing the Housing Information Booklet, which has become mandatory”recall the speakers, architects members of the Council of the Order.

If there is no training obligation to become an AR, you must be able to demonstrate skills in connection with all these missions. As such, the applicant must demonstrate the existence of an internal training plan for the structure, provide references, and present a proposal for an accompanying methodology. The obligations will be gradually reinforced, “as the device increases in power and the number of ARs”explain the speakers.

The energy audit, the cornerstone of the system

The energy audit, the first stage of support, is also the main element of the system. It is the only mission that can be subcontracted, and represents a workload of 7 to 9 hours of work, specifies the NOAC. Several specific training courses exist, some of which are offered by the Cnoa. Other organizations offer them: of varying duration and quality, they require information to be obtained before committing, advise the stakeholders.

Other training courses enable architects, more broadly, to make up for their shortcomings in technical subjects, including “they have moved away a lot, delegating to the design offices”, says Delphine Dézobry, who offers feedback. This constitutes an obstacle to their effectiveness on these issues, which can fortunately be overcome.

The economic model of this mission remains to be found

Among the other obstacles that await architects on the path to effective support: unsuitable digital design tools, while technical office software is too complex. Last but not least, the economic model, which “still to be found” on these tasks: “the fees proportional to the total amount are not sufficient enough in view of the time spent”believes Delphine Dézobry.

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