Around the concessions, a great misunderstanding, according to Benoît de Ruffray (Eiffage)

“In the contradictory debate on the benefits of concessions [autoroutières] for the state, you defend yourself very badly!” This is how an Eiffage shareholder challenged Benoît de Ruffray, CEO of the group, during the general meeting of the major which took place on April 19, 2023. Because if he would “ridiculous” conceal the fact that the concessions are profitable for the companies that hold them, he believes that with “Abertis and vinci [les deux autres principaux groupes concessionnaires d’autoroutes, NDLR]you should also precisely quantify what it brings to the State over a year”. He takes as an example the VAT, the various taxes paid by concessionary companies… and the 30% tax that shareholders pay on the dividends they receive.

Taking note of this remark, Benoît de Ruffray nonetheless assured that the concession companies were trying to

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