At the entrance to the Olympic Village, a lot as a symbol of diversity

On the site of the athletes’ village, he is the only builder to intervene on two lots, assures one of his works managers, Steve Montigny. Spie Batignolles first started working on lot D, which the Olympic facilities delivery company (Solideo) entrusted to Icade. Then, “strong from this first experience, vinci Immobilier then came to pick us up to carry out lot A1 on Universeine”he says.

A somewhat special batch that the whole world will be able to observe. facing the Maxwell hall being renovated, it is located at the entrance to the athletes’ village, on the future Olympic square, which will be a meeting place for competitors and the media. It also includes the tallest buildings in the village, 15 stories high, including the Signal Tower on top of which stand the Olympic rings.

Like all structures built or rehabilitated by Solideo for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, this project is subject to precise specifications, particularly from an environmental point of view, and to a tight schedule: started on the summer 2021, it must be delivered before the end of 2023 to Solideo.

Emblematic, this project has many facets, a bit like a symbol of the diversity represented at the Olympic Games. And it is with him that Spie Batignolles wished to apply for the competition for the Best Building Site in France 2023.

Discover the project in pictures in the rest of the article.

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