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Responding to the challenges of the Grand Est: this is the formula used by Magali Debatte, the Grand Est regional director of Banque des Territoires, a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, to summarize the work of her teams in the field. “The Banque des Territoires has mobilized in 2022 to support projects in all territories, whether urban, rural, mountain, industrial, agricultural or peri-urban, with a view focused on ecological and energy transformation, but also the territorial and social cohesion of the region”, explains the director.

Invested in several areas, in particular the construction and rehabilitation of social housing, ecological transition, the attractiveness of territories, as well as digital infrastructure, the Banque des Territoires has thus granted 647.4 million euros in loans and invested 145 .5 million euros in equity in 2022 in the Grand Est region.

10,000 dwellings

In the area of ​​construction and rehabilitation of social housing, the Banque des Territoires enabled the construction of 4,000 new social housing units and the rehabilitation of 6,000 social housing units and accommodation places, including 3,500 thermal rehabilitations. Multi-year partnership agreements have been signed with Domial (67), OPHEA (68), Plurial-Novilia (51), Vivest (57) for a total loan amount of 494.25 million euros. Participating securities in quasi-equity have been subscribed, in particular 5 million euros with the Office Métropolitain de l’habitat de Nancy (54) for the restructuring of 756 housing units on the plateau de Haye, or 6.65 million euros to Habitation Moderne (67) intended to accelerate the construction or rehabilitation of social housing.

93 million euros in the ecological transition

In terms of ecological transition, the Banque des Territoires has invested a total of 93 million euros, including 2.6 million euros in the heating network of Strasbourg Center and 5 million euros in the energy renovation of Charleville- Mézières (08) via the Intracting system. It also lent 33 million euros in the Grand Est region, in particular for the multimodal hub of Haguenau (67) and the biomass boiler room for the school group of Cirey-sur-Vezouze (54).

To support tourism and develop the attractiveness of the territories, the Banque des Territoires mobilized 21.5 million euros in investments and 19 million euros in loans. In particular, it participated in the investment for the “Grand Nancy Thermal” aquatic thermal and well-being center (54) and the “Vittel Horizon 2030” project (88). The opening of the “Mariott” hotel in Strasbourg in December 2022 or that of the Licorne in Troyes in the fall of 2022, projects financially supported by the Banque des Territoires, illustrate its commitment to the tourist and economic development of the region.

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