[BFM/Le JDE] Sencrop: “We help farmers achieve their agro-environmental transition” – Le Journal des Entreprises

Launched in 2016, the Lille start-up Sencrop very quickly devoured a market that was still in its infancy, that of new technologies adapted to agriculture. With some 30,000 connected weather stations deployed in the fields, which feed weather models available in real time on an application, farmers have direct access to their fields and valuable decision-making assistance in their pockets. The application developed by Sencrop can help them determine when and where to irrigate or treat, to deliver the right dose of inputs or water, and reduce costs. It also alerts them to weather hazards, such as late frosts, to help them counter their effects as much as possible, with updates every quarter of an hour.

“We help them achieve their agro-environmental transition, which is essential today. The reduction in the use of treatments can reach 30 to 40% depending on the year. Farmers gain in comfort and precision”. After a fundraising of 18 million dollars in June 2022Sencrop intends to accelerate the deployment of its stations and its application, in France and in Europe.

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