Bpifrance renews its call for French savings to finance SMEs and ETIs

Individual savings are once again of interest to Bpifrance. For the third time in less than three years, the public bank is launching an investment fund for non-professional investors. His ambition remains the same: to bring the French to “[financer] the real economy and thus support the growth of unlisted French and European SMEs and ETIs. But, unlike its two previous initiatives, this FCPR, called “Bpifrance Entreprises Avenir 1” (BEA1), offers to invest in funds (a dozen in total), and not directly in companies. The investment is therefore “longer (10 years, extendable by two years) and more risky (the portfolio remains to be constituted)”, warns Bpifrance. The institution nevertheless hopes to collect 50 million euros over the next twelve months. To do this, she can count on an entry ticket reduced to €1,000 and a new platform online subscription.

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