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In 2022, Bpifrance supported 4,300 companies in Pays de la Loire (1,685 in Loire-Atlantique, 880 in Vendée, 854 in Maine-et-Loire, 557 in Sarthe and 330 in Mayenne), a figure that has increased by 12% compared to 2021. The public investment bank directly injected 1.2 billion euros into the regional economy, enabling companies to leverage 2.7 billion euros in financing. “70% of the companies we support are VSEs and SMEs. We also support, via our Guarantee activity, companies with a low level of solvency, while maintaining a low level of claims”, underlines Benoît Rigot, regional director Bpifrance Pays de the Loire. Indeed, guaranteed loans increased by 11%, amplifying the rebound observed in 2021, while the number of beneficiary companies and the level of risk insured by Bpifrance are up by 26% each. Bpifrance has taken equity stakes, either directly or through partner funds, in 285 businesses in the Loire region. The bank has supported 413 export companies (for 1.7 billion euros) and 6,000 people with start-up projects.


In number, all sectors of the economy benefit from this financing. In volume, industry is the main beneficiary: its share increases from 52% in 2021 to 63% in 2022. , the France 2030 plan which is just starting is very industry-focused”, analyzes Benoît Rigot. As a reminder, the launch of the start-up and industrial SME plan aims to create 100 new industrial sites per year by 2025. In 2022, the sites of Fairmat, Renaissance, Wattpark, The cross, Gautier or Mecamen. Bpifrance will continue, in 2023, to support the revival of industry, which remains one of its priorities. 54 billion euros will be injected into the region’s strategic sectors through the deployment of the France 2030 Plan.

Energetic transition

The energy and ecological transition of companies is another priority for Bpifrance, which will continue to expand the Coq Vert community, which brings together 130 regional companies around a system offering them concrete tools for exchanging good practices and accelerating the energy transition and environmental. Bpifrance has also launched the “Diag Eco-Flux” and “Diag Décarbon’action” diagnostics for companies wishing to act on their energy and water flows or reduce their carbon footprint. Note that a “Climate Maturity” index is currently being tested in the region. It aims to map the carbon trajectory of companies, starting with the most emissive, prior to the launch of improvement actions. “In connection with the national ambition to double the number of business creations in France by 2027, we are also going to develop support for managers to break their loneliness and increase their expertise”, indicates Benoît Rigot.

In total, since 2012, Bpifrance has supported 32,400 businesses in the region and mobilized 30 billion euros in financing.

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