Cellnex and two other stocks that broke through resistance on Friday

Cellnex rises sharply on Friday and crosses the resistance of 35.06 euros.

The company ends the session very close to the average at 200 sessions but still far from the key resistance at 39.43 euros. Exceeding these prices seems essential to see a change in trend in the medium term.


Soltec offers a good technical aspect in the short term after having overcome, this week, the resistance at 5,064 euros. For the next few days, we expect an attack on the key resistance at 5.88 euros. If it manages to overcome these prices, we could see a change in trend.


Indra manages to overcome the resistance of 10.92 euros and approaches the key resistance of 11.20 euros. If it manages to overcome these prices, it is very likely that we could see an extension of the bulls up to the 12 Euro level.


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