CLÉA, the Housing Information Booklet (CIL) of the Qualitel Association for professionals

To support housing professionals in the implementation of the Housing Information Booklet regulations, Qualitel has developed CLÉA: the 1st Housing Information Booklet already adopted by more than 150,000 housing units and 100% compatible with CIL requirements.

Since January 1, 2023, the Housing Information Booklet (CIL) has been compulsory for new housing but also for existing housing undergoing renovation work. Its objective: to centralize all housing information to guarantee proper monitoring and maintenance throughout its life.

CLÉA, the housing information book designed for professionals

Designed for professionals in the real estate, construction or renovation of housing, CLEA makes it possible to fully meet the requirements of the CIL defined in article 167 of the Climate and Resilience law with the facilitated transmission of regulatory documents. In addition to being 100% compatible with the requirements of the CIL, CLÉA provides all housing players with additional benefits. It allows to :
– Strengthen the customer relationship by offering a service that facilitates the handling and maintenance of housing in compliance with regulations;
– Propose a tool for monitoring energy consumption
(which meets article 27 of RE2020 for new constructions);
– Centralize all housing-related information;
– Enhance the professional’s know-how by archiving the documents related to the interventions;
– And for renovation professionals, CLÉA makes it easy to trace work to improve the energy performance of housing.

With CLEAthe inhabitants benefit from a real health record for their accommodation: centralization of important documents (plans, technical diagnoses, useful contact details, guarantees, etc.), equipment guide, monitoring of energy consumption, etc. Thanks to better traceability of the work and maintenance carried out, the property when it is resold or rented out is valued, in particular with the comparative module of energy consumption before and after the work.

CLÉA, the reliable and trusted notebook of the Qualitel Association

Initiated in 2010, CLÉA is a solution developed by Qualitel, an independent association since 1974. Qualitel improves the quality of housing and contributes to its development among residents. With CLÉA, you benefit from Qualitel’s know-how and expertise and offer your customers an independent, secure housing information book without commercial solicitation.

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