Corinne Besnard (Medef 44): “We have five major challenges to meet during my term of office” – Le Journal des Entreprises – Loire-Atlantique

The Loire-Atlantique Medef has just welcomed a new general delegate in the person of Matthieu Hybert. Is this a new start for your organization?

The arrival of Matthieu Hybert will help to strengthen support and services for member companies to prepare them for the major challenges of tomorrow, to set up new spaces for meetings and exchanges, to facilitate synergies with the regional and national Medef, professional branches , to mobilize our directors and agents, to raise the voice of companies and defend their interests. We want a strong, responsible, united Medef 44, visible in its actions and in its speaking out. This also involves working on substantive issues, such as our statutes. With this in mind, a commission has been set up to adapt them and ensure better representativeness within governance.

One year after your election, what are the priorities of your mandate?

The first is to develop skills through support for training, with two points of attention: encouraging co-education and diversity and promoting production professions, in line with the national objective of reindustrialisation. The second is to support companies, whatever their size and their field of activity and their competitiveness within the framework of a responsible economy. We must also support companies in the various transitions. The increasingly rapid pace of these developments calls for continued adaptability and resilience. I want to support export companies by strengthening the collaboration of Medef 44 with other players in the territory: the region, the CCI, IOC… Finally, I want to strengthen the capacity of companies to innovate, create and produce in our territory, in a competitive, sustainable and low-carbon way.

Concretely, how do you meet these challenges?

We are responding to these five major challenges through activism in favor of freedom of enterprise, through our mandates and by having reorganized the work of our committees to integrate new members, new presidencies and initiate actions and events… Without mentioning them all, we are, for example, going to revitalize the Comex 40 commission. Reserved for leaders under 45, its purpose is to analyze social, economic and environmental changes, in order to propose solutions in favor responsible growth. We also have a Sport and Business Commission which aims to strengthen the links between these two environments, in the context where Nantes is the host city for the 2024 Olympic Games, a highlight of the region. We also want to make Medef more visible through collective events, such as the Jules Verne University which will take place on Tuesday July 4th. The Integration Trophies will be another significant event in our territory, in November 2023. But, beyond these major events, we are increasing the number of times our members meet to strengthen our network and its ability to meet together challenges.

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