Costa Rican Transport Garnier acquires Transports Lebrun based in Loire-Atlantique – Le Journal des Entreprises

Transports Garnier (180 million euros in turnover in 2022, 1,400 employees), via its subsidiary Garnier Logistics and Transport (GLT), has just acquired Transports Lebrun (1.85 million euros in turnover). business in 2022, 15 employees), based in Saint-Mars-la-Jaille, in Loire-Atlantique. This company specializes in local freight transport in the Pays de la Loire region, and works mainly for the public works sector, but also for agro-industrial cooperatives and local industrialists in the metallurgy sector.


This opportunity was relevant “both at the level of the business of transport by skips, which the group carries out in particular through one of our subsidiaries in Île-de-France, and at the level of local synergies with our subsidiary GLT, also located in Saint- Mars-la-Jaille and Ancenis”, explains Nicolas Garnier, who succeeded his father, Marcel, who died in April 2020, at the head of the group created in 1973. The Costa Rican company, whose headquarters are located in Loudéac (Côtes -d’Armor), operates in road transport, logistics and custom packaging throughout the national territory.

The operation, the amount of which has not been communicated, was carried out with the assistance of In Extenso Finance, a subsidiary of the In Extenso group (250 offices in France, 5,800 employees, 500 million euros in turnover business), Fidal Saint-Brieuc and CIME Avocats, in Rennes.

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