Cotentin’s master dairy farmers want more responsible packaging – Le Journal des Entreprises

Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin (5,235 employees – Turnover: €1.968 billion) are pursuing their desire to reduce their environmental impact in order to produce more responsibly. After the implementation of the Herakles project, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of its Sottevast site and optimize its energy consumption, it is now tackling its packaging strategy. The entire milk cartoning chain of the cooperative will be modified to anticipate its compliance with new European standards, which requires, from July 3, 2024, that closure systems be designed so that plastic caps or lids remain attached to packaging with a capacity of less than 3 litres. The Norman manufacturer (headquarters in Sottevast) has therefore developed, in partnership with the Swedish packaging company Tetra Pak, the gradual adaptation of all their milk production lines into one-litre cartons. Pasteurized milk caps have already been attached to their brick since 1er March 2023. This will be the case for fermented milk from next June, and UHT milk from September.

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