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Potain tower cranes, the world leader in tower cranes since 1928, are known worldwide for their lifting capacities, reliability and innovative designs.

Potain designs and manufactures more than 60 types of tower cranes to meet all needs on site: very large capacity cranes for infrastructure sites, luffing jib cranes especially for ever taller skyscrapers , but also the topless cranes that are now shaping urban landscapes around the world, and finally the most innovative self-erecting cranes on the market and which are transforming the residential construction trades.

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This new digital platform was presented at bauma 2022. This platform, thanks to an application-based system, revolutionizes the customer experience by allowing remote monitoring of their equipment and offers fleet managers and users the possibility view crane data in real time, receive alerts, exchange data and much more with features that will be gradually added in the future.

MR 229

The MR 229, a new addition to Potain’s luffing jib crane range, is a 14t maximum capacity crane that can lift 2.7t to 55m. This crane is the first of a new generation of Potain luffing jib cranes to integrate Manitowoc’s CCS (Crane Control System) and the new Potain CONNECT telematics offering. This user-friendly and intuitive solution gives owners greater control and visibility of their cranes, providing seamless integration of remote diagnostics, advanced analytics and fleet management to increase machine uptime and utilization. Another major advantage of this machine is the easy installation of the crane. The out-of-service radius is between 10 and 12 m, approximately 5 to 10 m less than equivalent cranes in this category.
POTAIN MR 229 | Top-to-bottom cranes (

MTD 159

The MDT 159, a new addition to Potain’s MDT City range, is a crane with a maximum capacity of 6 t and 1.75 t at the end of the jib at 60 m. In addition to all the ergonomic features common to all Potain cranes in the MDT City range, this crane is offered with a new automatic trolley. Reeving is changed by the crane operator directly from the cabin (no need for a technician on the ground). This makes this crane even easier to use. The crane is, like the MR 229, also equipped with Potain CONNECT, Potain’s new telematics platform.
POTAIN MDT 159 | Top-to-bottom cranes (

Igo T 99

The Igo T 99 is the first of a new generation of self-erecting cranes. It offers a maximum load of 6 t and 1.2 t at the end of the jib at 48 m. In addition to all the features of the popular Igo T range, this crane is equipped with Smart Set-Up software for simplified crane assembly using the exclusive Potain remote control. Smart Set-Up is Potain’s exclusive software that offers 100% remote control powered crane assembly for convenient and safe operation.
POTAIN Igo T 99 | Self-erecting cranes (

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