Crédit Agricole Anjou-Maine becomes the majority shareholder of the Hyperion Développement group – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

On January 16, Crédit Agricole Anjou-Maine, accompanied by Unexo, bought from Andera Partners, a private equity player, its majority shares in the Hyperion Développement group, based in Château-Gontier (Mayenne). The management team keeps 30% of the shares, but “Credit Agricole aims to increase its capital to hold 100% of the capital within eleven years”, explains Édouard Carvallo, founding director of Hyperion Development. The group, known under its brands ADX Groupe, ADX Formation and AlloDiagnostic, is the first integrated French network of real estate diagnosticians, active in particular in the detection of pollutants and energy audits.

Andera partners entered the capital in July 2017, during a process of sale of the Stelliant group. Édouard Carvallo is delighted today “to moor the boat at a local bank, which is already present in insurance and real estate”.

Driven by the development of its Key Accounts activity and the diversification of its service offering (energy audit, air quality, soil quality, digitization and modelling), it achieved a turnover of 51 million euros. in 2022 (compared to €21 million in 2017). It operates through 27 branches in France, employing over 500 people.

Work on the new headquarters is about to start

With the support of Crédit Agricole, Hyperion Développement wishes to pursue its organic and external growth. Several external growth targets are under study. The last company acquired in 2021, Galena is a project management assistance company on pollutants, which has around fifteen employees. Its turnover has increased from 1 million euros to 1.8 million in 2022.

In 2023, Hyperion Développement will start work on its future headquarters in Château-Gontier. The first building should be delivered by the end of the year, while a second building will see the light of day the following year, for delivery expected on the 1er January 2025.

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