Design should be fun

For markilux, blinds should harmonize with the aesthetics of modern architecture and ideally be an asset to the home.

It took the awning specialist 50 years of development to get where it is today. From the start, the company has placed the greatest importance on creating harmony between the quality and aesthetics of its products. “Quality is a major element in differentiating oneself on the market. It must therefore be visible in the external form of the product, even beyond its function”, explains Michael Gerling, Manager Technical Service and Production.

Specialist in designer blinds
Over time, markilux has continued to refine this relationship between sophisticated technical equipment and elegant appearance. Its objective was to give an aesthetic character to its brand. This desire is an essential part of the creative process, from the initial idea to the finished product. For this, markilux is inspired by modern architecture, contemporary product design and current color trends. “After many years of product development, we now see ourselves as the specialist for designer awnings,” says Michael Gerling.

An appearance that reflects the quality of the products
The markilux 970 in particular, but also all models of the MX series, as well as the compact MX-1, MX-3, MX-2 and the new MX-4, today embody the characteristic markilux style . A style that notably plays with curves and clean, straight or cubic shapes. Without forgetting original color accents or remarkable material surfaces. This appearance should reflect the high quality of markilux products and emphasize their unique and exclusive character. Michael Gerling believes that the success of the brand is based, among other things, on these particularities: “For the end customer, it is above all the appearance of the product that makes the difference, but also the choice of being able to adapt it, in a to some extent, to his needs. And that’s exactly what we offer our customers,” he explains.

Reinventing form and expression
Conceiving a design in its name to make it part of the brand message is a long process. This means constantly observing the market, having a creative development team and experimenting with interesting surfaces and materials. It is also necessary to compare what is technically feasible and to have the motivation to constantly reinterpret the shape of the blinds.

A touch of originality thanks to the quality of the design
This design style also incorporates modern awning fabrics whose colourful, contemporary and sophisticated textile surfaces contribute to the overall appearance of an awning. In this area, the company attaches great importance to the use of both trendy and timeless patterns. “The appearance of our blinds is consistent in itself. It coordinates with furniture, gardens and different living styles, because that’s what our customers want,” says Michael Gerling. Design should be fun, it should bring a touch of originality to every home, while providing safe and intelligent technology for many years to come.

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