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Several announcements made within the framework of the housing CNR directly concern the energy renovation sector, one of the government’s stated priorities in order to achieve the decarbonization objectives by 2050. Batiactu offers you an overview .

Reform of MaPrimeRénov’ on 1 January 2024

The public authorities are moving towards a modification, possibly in depth, of the famous MaPrimeRénov’ (MPR) system, for application from 1 January. “To further encourage renovation, we will simplify MPR and increase credits for global renovations”succinctly explained the Prime Minister in conclusion of the CNR.

MPR should thus be based, from 2024, on “two pillars”. A first titled “efficiency”, concentrating on single-step installation of heating decarbonized (heat pumps and biomass, in particular). This development would not, as such, constitute a significant change in the current situation. The second pillar, entitled “performance”, would be focused on global renovations for all types of households, particularly in condominium given the good performance of MPR copros.

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