Doctors in Catalonia call off strike after reaching agreement with Salut

There will be no more doctors’ strikes this week and beyond. The Metges de Catalunya union and the Conselleria de Salut have reached an agreement on the OK this afternoon, after three days of intense negotiation after the strike of January 25 and 26, which has taken thousands of doctors to the streets. Thus, the union called off the strike which was also scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday and Friday across Europe. public health, as announced by sources from Metges de Catalunya and the “conselleria”.

Salut is committed to applying a series of “urgent measures”. to improve the accessibility of the system, “optimize” the calendar of practitioners and “debureaucratize” the consultations, as explained by the general secretary of Metges de Catalunya, around ten o’clock in the evening, Xavier Leonart. The union has thus waived the supplement to doctors’ salaries that it has been demanding until now, because it understands that these measures proposed by the “conselleria” will already be accompanied by a series of “budget items”, Leonart said.

Until today, and throughout the six meetings that have taken place between the two parties, the main stumbling block has been this welfare and the economy. Firstly, Metges de Catalunya, the majority union among doctors, called for the creation of a limit on doctors’ diaries, while Hi opts for the self-organization. On the other hand, the union also demanded a a direct salary supplement on the doctors’ payroll.apart from the rest of the medical profession, without going through a negotiation table.

But this direct wage increase in payroll for physicians is now behind us. The big deal between the union and Salut consists of two big sets. The first, a negotiating table generate a dialogue between the department and the doctors to discuss “organizational” and “organizational” issues. “care overload”. “This table is set in motion at once, in the next few days, and in its initial phase, it will meet at least fortnightly,” Mr. Lleonart stressed.

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