Dunkirk, winner of the ZiBac call for projects – Le Journal des Entreprises

Much awaited in Dunkirk, the news finally fell at the beginning of April: Dunkirk is the winner of the very first call for projects “Low carbon industrial zones” (ZIBaC), launched by the Ministry of Industry via ADEME. This labeling will allow Dunkirk to accelerate the implementation of its “DKarbonation” plan, which should lead the industries of the territory to reduce their emissions by 30% by 2030, with a target of carbon neutrality by 2050. ZiBac will primarily finance engineering and feasibility studies, with a budget of 27.2 million euros – including a grant allocated by ADEME up to 50%, or 13.6 million euros. These studies will make it possible to prepare the infrastructures on which the main pillars of the approach are based: the use of waste heat, the recycling of raw materials such as steel and aluminum, and the capture, transport and storage, even the reuse and recovery of CO 2 thanks to a dedicated hub.

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