Ecological transition: VSEs-SMEs encouraged to convert to eco-design

Put VSEs-SMEs on the path to eco-design. This is the ambition of Bpifrance with the latest of its “diagnoses” in favor of the ecological transition. The public bank wants to help “several hundred companies a year” to “improve the environmental performance of a product, service or process”, with the objective “of reducing the negative impacts [sur la planète] throughout their life cycle”. And the hope of making them “sustainably integrate [cette] approach in their strategy”. With this “Diag Ecodesign”, VSEs-SMEs will thus be supported for 6 to 8 months by a specialized design office, at a cost of between 5,400 and 7,200 euros excluding tax (depending on the size of the company and after subsidy from Ademe ). This work will lead, among other things, to an “environmental assessment”, an “action plan”, as well as the training of a member of staff designated as “eco-design referent”. This program is added to the collection of Bpifrance’s green “diagnostics”, alongside the “Diag Eco-Flux” and “Diag Decarbon’Action”.

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