Eiffage Immobilier launches Smartseille 2, drawing lessons from Smartseille 1

Before, there were warehouses. Today, in the inner port of Marseilles developed by the Public Development Establishment Euroméditerranée (Epaem), stands a district of housing and offices “demonstrator of the sustainable city” built by Eiffage. Welcome to Smartseille, whose last buildings were delivered very recently, that Batiactu was able to visit at the invitation of the promoter-builder.

A district of 58,000 m² of floor area which remains to this day a isolate, as Hervé Gatineau, director of major projects at Eiffage Immobilier, readily concedes, because it is located 700 meters from the first built-up front. But which is not intended to remain so: the OIN (Operation of national interest) Euroméditerranée plans hundreds of thousands of square meters of construction to extend the center of the second city of France to the north, and the demolitions are already well advanced.

A first district soon to be joined by new constructions

If the surroundings of Smartseille still look like a no man’s land, this should therefore change rapidly: in the immediate vicinity of Smartseille, the cranes are working to build Les Fabriques, a mixed district of 200,000 m² devolved to Bouygues Immobilier. And Eiffage is launching, on land adjoining Smartseille 1, a second demonstration operation, of 45,000 m².

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