Elisabeth Borne’s announcements to “facilitate access to housing for all French people”

After a month of political consultations, Elisabeth Borne presented, on April 26, her calendar for the next three months. “Each measure must solve a problem, improve everyday life”, she said after the Council of Ministers, in a speech broadcast live. The 100 days ahead should enable progress in four directions: work and reindustrialisation, ecological transition and public services and improvement of living conditions, security.

The Prime Minister seems to have heard the voices that have been raised for several months to warn about the housing situation, in particular that of new housing, with a significant drop in sales and therefore in housing starts. In recent days in particular, figures listened to in the economic landscape took the floor to challenge the executive directly.

There Deposit Fund commissioned to buy housing from developers

Thus, one of the priorities on which Elisabeth Borne lingered – the speech was not intended to be exhaustive – consists in “facilitate access to housing for all French people”. Four of the few concrete new announcements that punctuated his speech even concern this subject. First, the Caisse des dépôts will be “mobilized to buy new homes that are struggling to find buyers”. This echoes the difficulties encountered by promoters to dispose of their stocks, and should make it possible to “unblock pending programs”said the Prime Minister.

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