Equasens takes control of pharmacy training specialist, Atoopharm – Le Journal des Entreprises

After Pratilog and Speech2Sense in early April, the Lorraine group Equasens (turnover: €214 million; 1,200 employees) is pursuing its external growth strategy by announcing the takeover of Atoopharm. Presenting itself as an organization specializing in the continuing education of community pharmacists and their teams for 15 years, a pioneer in e-learning, Atoopharm supports nearly 6,000 pharmacies in France and other French-speaking countries. For Equasens, “the 100% acquisition of Atoopharm is part of a strategy of global support for health professionals in the transformation of their profession”, specifies the group in a press release. Among health professionals, “distance” training has increased from “30% to 80% of pharmacy training”, indicates Denis Supplisson, the general manager of the Equasens group.

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