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An event professional for nearly 10 years, Marine Curtil decided in 2017 to strike out on her own by launching herself as an event and business tourism consultant under the name Evalia Events. “I work as a white label for the organization of trade fairs and events for my clients”, she explains.

Recognized for the quality of the wedding fairs that she has been able to organize in the past, the young entrepreneur is not slow to be called upon for this aspect. “That’s what made me want to create a network of professionals from the Loire region specializing in the wedding sector. Many people turned to Lyon because they couldn’t find referenced professionals in the department”, explains- she.

A first virtual Festival

In 2019, Marine Curtil therefore decided to launch the Esprit Mariage network with the firm intention of creating a festival of the same name which would bring visibility to its members and thereby business. “Unfortunately the Covid has been there. In 2020, we were confined and in 2021, as we were still under health restrictions, I had to resolve to organize the first edition of the Festival Esprit Mariage virtually using the tools of a virtual visit to walk around and click on info bubbles referring to the sites of network members”, explains the young entrepreneur.

Since then, the health situation has improved and Marine Curtil has managed to organize a first physical edition in 2022 at the Vinifacture as well as a second, on March 25 and 26, at La Fabuleuse Cantine in Saint-Etienne. “Esprit Mariage now has about forty referenced members. Members who benefit from the strength of the network and the Festival to make themselves known,” says Marine Curtil.

A business network above all

As with BNI-type business networks, Esprit Mariage works very much on the principle of recommendation and avoids creating competition between service providers. “In somewhat niche sectors, we give exclusivity to our service providers. In more widespread activities such as photographers or caterers, we have several service providers, but each has its own specificity, its own identity. The goal of Esprit Mariage is is to provide a qualitative pool, not to increase the number. We are in a logic of global offer and not in a logic of exhaustive offer which would generate internal competition on prices”, develops the founder of the network.

An extended offer for events

This model, the young leader also intends to apply to the Esprit Event network that she has just launched. “We realized that all the service providers in our network could be called upon for different types of events: birthdays, baptisms, inaugurations, etc. In the DNA of Esprit Mariage, the goal of this network is therefore to bring together event professionals selected for the quality of their work and their professionalism”, explains Marine Curtil.

By expanding her database to events in the broad sense, the young consultant has also inflated the number of her members. “Between Wedding Spirit and Event Spirit, we now have 65 referenced professionals”, concludes Marine Curtil.

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