Even more efficient adiabatic cooling

Seeley International, leader in innovation in adiabatic cooling, is developing its range of high-efficiency indirect adiabatic coolers with even more efficient devices and latest-generation regulation. This unique technology works without refrigerant gas and without adding humidity to the air, with superior performance to air conditioning.

A significant step forward in the energy transition and the treatment of Indoor Air Quality.
In workspaces, sales areas, and industry, indoor air quality and temperature control in hot weather is a major challenge at the heart of concerns. Health, comfort, productivity and also economic concerns when looking for a solution. The explosion of energy costs making air conditioning installations extremely expensive to use. Regulatory and environmental concerns also with the need to reduce our energy consumption and thereby our carbon footprint.
For this, there are very efficient solutions in cooling, with very low energy consumption, respectful of the environment. Breezair and Climate Wizard solutions from SEELEY International operate according to the adiabatic principle also called air cooling by evaporation. Thanks to the many innovations integrated over the years by the leading manufacturer in its market, SEELEY International systems are more efficient in cooling, use up to 90% less energy than other air conditioning methods and do not contain refrigerant gases which are polluting and dangerous for the environment. Operating in fresh air with an integrated filtration system, the proposed technology meets health recommendations for Indoor Air Quality.

State-of-the-art technology to cool the air SEELEY International’s adiabatic solutions have been developed since the company was founded in 1972 and continuously improved ever since. With an R&D team of more than 40 engineers, a unique situation on the market, adiabatic technology has reached new milestones with the development and then the industrialization of innovations specific to Seeley International. Thanks to its numerous patents, the Seeley group has become the world benchmark for adiabatic coolers for its cooling performance and energy efficiency, as well as reliability.
Today, the two direct and indirect adiabatic ranges make it possible to meet significantly different needs.

There Breezair range in direct adiabatic, makes it possible to lower temperatures in environments where the objective is to improve air quality and maintain a temperature around 25°C, according to the needs of users and this, whatever the external conditions. Indeed, the hotter it is, the more efficient Seeley coolers are, unlike air conditioning. Breezair is particularly popular for guaranteeing good working conditions, productivity and customer reception, by providing healthy, filtered and renewed air, thus limiting the risks of recirculation of stale air. More than 40,000 coolers are installed worldwide each year. In France, several thousand users already trust Breezair; mainly in industry, in sales areas, sports halls, collective catering. The larger the volume to be processed, the greater the gain.
Breezair’s superiority is based on the specific design and manufacture of its mini-cell-Chillcel media offering 25% to 50% evaporation surface for a given surface, an optimized shape for maximum exchange in a cellulose chosen for its cooling qualities. absorption and imputrescibility.

The high-efficiency indirect adiabatic Climate Wizard range is positioned as a real alternative to traditional air conditioning without its drawbacks. It cools the air below 20°C, even during periods of high summer heat, when the outside temperature is around 40°C. Hyper-efficient, it allows you to cool more, without humidifying or drying, using no refrigerant gas. Its carbon footprint is very low because it uses neither compressor nor condenser, its only electrical consumption is reduced to a high-efficiency ECM-type fan motor. A revolutionary and exclusive technology: SEELEY International’s Climate Wizard solutions benefit from an exclusive counter-current heat exchanger. Its principle of efficiency is a significant cooling of the air in the dry primary circuit before cooling by evaporation in the secondary wet circuit. Moist air is exhausted; the primary air blown into the building, with a cooling efficiency between 110 and 136% on wet bulb depression when the other indirect adiabatic exchangers are generally only adiabatic modules mounted on dual-flow exchangers and therefore with very limited efficiency if the building is not air-conditioned elsewhere.

Facilities consistent with current regulatory, environmental and health issues Today with regulatory obligations and user expectations tending towards a reduction in the energy consumption of buildings, the Breezair and Climate Wizard solutions are intended for a very large number of applications and types of buildings.

For example, RE 2020 encourages the use of rational energy consumption systems. These new regulations are supported in parallel by the demand of end customers who are increasingly looking for solutions to improve their CSR. Seeley International is therefore at the heart of the energy transition by providing concrete responses to the needs of users and professionals.

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