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Gamestream, a global leader in white-label cloud gaming solutions, partners with JioGames, India’s leading gaming service, to announce a 10-year strategic partnership. This collaboration will allow 1.4 billion Indians to benefit from unlimited access to cloud gaming, anywhere and anytime.

JioGamesCloud, India’s own cloud gaming platform, will enable console-like gaming, easily accessible across all devices. Harnessing the power of Jio’s enormous digital network, JioGamesCloud is poised to revolutionize the gaming benchmark. It can be optimally experienced with the blazing speeds of Jio True 5G. The robust 5G infrastructure that Jio has built across the country sets a clear direction for the growth of the cloud gaming ecosystem in India. In addition to Jio’s True 5G connectivity, JioGamesCloud’s intuitive interface and multi-device presence will delight any gaming enthusiast in India.

India is on its way to becoming a major player in the global gaming market and this partnership will see JioGames emerge as a major player in cloud gaming in India. By combining Gamestream’s technology and cloud gaming expertise with Reliance Jio’s massive digital reach and unparalleled customer experience, this partnership will be at the forefront of defining the cloud gaming ecosystem globally. Gamestream will enrich JioGamesCloud’s comprehensive library with over 100 cult licenses for families and casual gamers, with additional games added every month.

Mr. Ivan Lebeau, co-founder and president of Gamestream, this partnership is an important step for the company. » We are known for our leading cloud gaming services in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and we have been empowering leading companies to introduce cloud gaming for years – this technology is our heartland, and we know the incredible impact it can have. This 10-year collaboration with JioGames combines our end-to-end technology solution and content licensing expertise to democratize video games worldwide. Together with JioGames, we are shaping the future of gaming.”

JioGamesCloud is currently live in its public beta. At the moment, JioGamesCloud is available for free for a limited time on Jio set-top boxes, Android smartphones and some web browsers.
“India is rapidly becoming the new hub of the gaming industry, with the potential to surpass one billion gamers with the rapid deployment of the high-speed, low-latency Jio True 5G network across the country. India. Video games could potentially be one of the digital services that contribute significantly to the drivers of economic growth. This partnership between Gamestream and Jio will enable every Indian to enjoy a high-quality cloud gaming experience,” said Mr. Kiran Thomas, CEO of Jio Platforms Limited.

JioGames, part of Jio Platforms Limited, has embarked on an ambitious journey to bring the world of games to all Indians. It is a unique center that brings together several stakeholders in the gaming world: players, game publishers, spectators and gaming communities. JioGames is present on many devices like smartphones, feature phones, home games via set-top box and it offers possibilities and solutions for cloud gaming, livestreaming and esports and enables gaming through cloud technology .

JioGamesCloud is the cloud gaming technology developed by Jio that will be a game changer for the gaming industry. Graphics-intensive games previously required expensive hardware in the form of consoles and accessories, but now they can be played directly on the desktop. JioGames application without any hardware constraints, thanks to cloud technology on Android smartphones, Jio set-top boxes and the most popular web browsers.

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