first assessment for the Oscar program, dedicated to craftsmen

This is a rather positive result for a first anniversary. In this month of April 2023, the program to optimize and simplify energy saving certificates for artisans of energy renovation, or Oscar program, draws up its first assessment.

Launched in 2022, this system aims to make public and private financial aid better understood by energy renovation professionals. By benefiting from improved access to these tools, companies are then theoretically better able to integrate them into their own commercial offers.

As part of the CEE, Oscar is supported by the Atee (Technical association for energy and the environment) and is supported by the main players in the building and accommodation : the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, theAdeme (Ecological Transition Agency), theAnah (National Housing Agency), the Capeb (Confederation of crafts and small building companies), the FFB (French Building Federation), the FDMC (Federation of building materials distributors) and Coédis (Federation of distributors of electrical, HVAC and sanitary equipment and solutions).

340 mentors trained

The program is based, on the one hand, on the training of some 6,000 renovation assistance referents (Rar) from professional organizations in the sector, but also from the network of France Rénov’ advisers; and on the other hand, on the dissemination of knowledge of these Rar to craftsmen and companies specializing in energy renovation, numbered at 600,000 throughout France.

A year after its launch, the initial objectives have been achieved, and even exceeded: 340 referents have been trained and 920 “candidates” are in the process of being trained. Building professionals seem to be on board and playing the game: 94% of these same candidates consider the Oscar program useful, and 90% of them believe that the skills targeted at the start of the training have been acquired.

Interactive mapping

In order to attract as many entrepreneurs as possible, the system has relied on concrete actions.

Thus, beyond the launch of a dedicated website and a platform for training and centralizing tools, each of which has several thousand monthly visitors, an interactive map has also been put online. Its goal: to enable craftsmen to locate the renovation assistance referent closest to them. Oscar’s first “MOOC” (online training) was also published on the Internet, now counting around 3,500 user accounts and almost 2,000 people who have validated it.

The program is also broken down into professional events, such as the Professional Construction Days of the Capeb, the Interclima trade fair or the 24 hour building event organized by the FFB.

Simplification of aid

Finally, a “craftsmen’s workshop” has been set up to rank the problems raised by energy renovation companies, whether in terms of aid or simplification measures that could be envisaged. Solutions were then compiled in a dedicated report. The Atee does not intend to stop there, especially in the current economic and climatic context, which is very promising for energy renovation and home improvement.

It has therefore set itself a new objective of recruiting 2,000 Rar by the start of 2024. Specific actions and practical tools are also planned, including a directory of renovation aid available to professionals, as well as a list materials and equipment eligible for ESCs.

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