Five Spanish banks among the 20 European banks with the lowest capital requirements

Kutxabank, Bankinter and Santander are the Spanish banks with the lowest capital requirements in what is known as the second pillar. for 2023 established by the European Central Bank (ECB), and which also includes CaixaBank there BBVA among the 20 European banks with the lowest requirements.

The website Pillar 2 is a bank-specific capital requirement that applies in addition to the minimum capital requirement (known as Pillar 1) when that capital requirement is not met. underestimates or does not cover certain risksand therefore a low level of capital required implies a low risk exposure.

Kutxabank is the Spanish bank with the lowest Pillar 2 requirement. for this year 2023, which the ECB has maintained at 1.20%unchanged from last year. It also ranks third, behind SFIL (0.75%) and Credito Emiliano Holding (1%).

The Spanish entity gained a place in the European ranking compared to the 2021 analysis. and remains at the top of the Spanish financial system, a news that the company celebrated by recalling that “since this analysis began in 2016, Kutxabank has been the only Spanish entity that has always maintained or improved the requirement…”.“.

“In addition, Kutxabank must maintain a total solvency ratio above 11.70% during the 2023 financial year.and the minimum threshold required by the European Central Bank for the highest quality CET1 capital has been set at 7.675%,” the bank adds.

The second best performing Spanish bank in this ranking is. Bankinter, with a capital of 1.29%.which places it in fifth place in Europe.

Also in the top 20 Banco Santander (12th position, 1.58%), CaixaBank(14th position, 1.65%) and BBVAwhich, with 1.71%, is in 16th position.

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