Ford announces 3,800 job cuts in Europe over the next three years

Ford announced that It will cut 3,800 jobs over the next three years in Europe.where it employs some 45,000 people. The workers of Germany and the UK will be hardest hitwith approximately 2,300 and 1,300 layoffs respectively.

The automaker is shifting from a business focused on fuel-powered vehicles to battery-powered models. “Open the The path to a sustainably profitable future. for Ford in Europe requires large-scale action and change in the way we develop, build and sell Ford vehicles. It will have a the impact on the organizational structureThe impact on the organizational structure, talents and skills we will need in the future.

This was said by Managing Director of Ford’s electric vehicle business in Europe, Martin Sander, who also indicated that Ford aims to achieve battery-only models in Europe by 2035.

Due to the reduced complexity of manufacturing electric cars, the company may downsize its product development teams.

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