four questions on the evolution of the market and remuneration in the construction industry

Like the rest of the economy, the construction sector has weathered all the upheavals that have occurred since the 2nd quarter of 2020: Covid pandemic, disruptions in global supply chains, rising costs and interest rates, war in Ukraineenergy crisis, risks of recession… More particularly exposed to the increase in the price of materials and the lengthening of construction times, it has also had to deal with the surge in energy for several months.

In such a context, the latest study by the Hays firm on the subject shows that the levels of employment and remuneration in construction and public works are also impacted by the economic difficulties experienced by craftsmen and businesses (see box). The latter, however, managed to raise their heads: driven by the France 2030 investment and resilience plans following the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, energy renovation provided six months of visibility on average for their order books, also helped in this by the revision of prices and the freezing of late payment penalties.

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