French Tech in the Alps changes its name – Le Journal des Entreprises

The French Tech in the Alps support association for alpine entrepreneurs and start-ups has changed its name to become French Tech Alpes, in order to harmonize its brand identity with all the other French Tech capitals in France. The association is present in five areas of the Alps, including Grenoble where its head office is located. A change of name announced on the occasion of its labeling as a “capital”, awarded by the French Tech Mission for a period of 3 years. “This label confirms the strong dynamism of the Tech ecosystem of our alpine territories and its positioning among the 16 most dense and attractive ecosystems in France”, explains the association on its site. The French Tech Alpes thus recalls that 400 entrepreneurs have benefited from its programs over the past 3 years, and that 12 million euros have been invested over the same period to support businesses and players in the region.

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