Futuroscope wants to exceed two million visitors in 2023 – Le Journal des Entreprises

The shareholders of the Futuroscope park (€120 million in turnover and 1.9 million visitors in 2022, located in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou in Vienne), first and foremost Compagnie des Alpes (which holds 80% of the capital) , are continuing their investment plan of 300 million euros over ten years (of which 75% before 2025) to develop the park and hotel activities, with the ambition of increasing its turnover by 75% and reaching 2 .5 million visitors by this deadline. In 2023, three projects should come out of the ground: the 4d attraction “Spark, the curse of the Black Opal”, launched on February 4, and the opening this summer of two projects: a themed complex of 120 family accommodation , the “Ecolodgee” Village, and Okahina Wave, an artificial wave designed by the company WaveRiding Solution. Other launches, such as that of a water park or an attraction called “Mission Bermuda”, are planned for 2024. The park hopes to exceed two million visitors this year.

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