Head to Hotel Pilo and its capsule rooms

It took 12 years for the Hotel Pilo project to see the light of day. Imagined by Mathieu Castel, engineer in architecture and landscape, and Jérémie Cormier, graduate of Essec, this place was thought of during their travels around the world: “We wanted to rediscover the friendly spirit of the guest houses and hostels that we frequented during our stays. A place where you can easily meet other travellers, have a nice evening“, tells us Mathieu Castel during a visit. Relying on concepts like the Mama Shelter, the two friends from Tours have gradually matured their project: “We had to find the ideal place capable of hosting our hostel“, slips the co-founder of Pilo. In 2017-2018, the metropolis of Lyon is launching a call for projects for the rehabilitation of a former college installed in a historic building dating from 1887. Following this, Linkcity under the responsibility of the SACVL , a general real estate operator in the city of Lyon, launched the work (stone cleaning, restoration, addition of levels, etc.) and sought occupants for the various buildings. Banco, for the two friends: “We finally had our incredible place to create our 45 rooms and 200 beds“, launches the young hotelier.

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