Hemeria Airship invests in a new factory dedicated to the production of gas cells – Le Journal des Entreprises

The Ile-de-France company Flying Whales, which is developing a rigid airship for transporting heavy loads with a carrying capacity of 60 tonnes (LCA60T), has just awarded Hemeria Airship, a subsidiary of the Toulouse group Hemeria, the study and production of the helium gas cells that will sustain its airships. Flying Whales, which completed its third fundraising of 122 million euros in June 2022, has entered the end-of-engineering phase of its LCA60T program. Hemeria Airship will initially supply the 14 helium cells of the first LCA60T. In a desire for a long-term partnership, Hemeria Airship has decided to invest in the development of a new fully equipped factory dedicated to the production of these gas cells, in Ayguesvives (Haute-Garonne), near its site. current. This will be operational in less than a year.

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