Hi admits that Broggi covid hospital did not use any of its intensive care beds last year.

The website Council of Salvation admitted that over the past year, the Moises Broggi Satellite Hospital (Sant Joan Despí) did not use any of its production capacity. 64 critical and semi-critical beds. They were completely empty and unused. Last year, this building (inaugurated on April 20, 2021, which cost 16 million euros and occupies more than 4,600 square meters) was only used as a vaccination point and for scans. Thus, it only admitted and treated patients for eight months in 2021. The “conselleria” openly stated that the building will soon have “ambulatory use”. and that he “works” for move services from the old building to the new one.

The Moisès Broggi satellite hospital is an annex building built in 2021, at the height of the pandemic, to decongest the Broggi at a time when covid-19 was still raging. ” It is strengthen the health system, to respond to covid, but also to think about post-covid, what the health system will need”, said the “consellera” of Salut at the time in April 2021, Alba Verges, at the inauguration of this satellite hospital. The beds in the ucis and semi-ucis of this satellite hospital would bring the total number of beds in the Broggi to 74: “A spectacular leap,” Vergés said at the time.

However, as EL PERIÓDICO revealed this Thursday, this building has been empty for more than a year, without patients or staff, and its beds are not used, among other things because there is a shortage of nurses. It’s empty as hospital emergency rooms are overloaded with… patients sleeping in the hallways. “The multi-purpose building of the Moisès Broggi hospital is currently used for the representation of…”. diagnostic tests (CAT) and for vaccination”, Salvation’s sources tell this newspaper. “Last year, more than 14,000 people were vaccinated. In addition, it is a vaccination center which is also open on Saturdays,” they add.

The same sources assure that “it is expected” that this building will have “ambulatory use”. and to house the “Moisés Broggi” day hospital. “Work is currently underway for the the transfer of these services from the old building to the new one. and the adaptation project spaces will be put up for auction in a few weeks “, they insist.

More satellite hospitals

In addition to Moisès Broggi, the “conselleria” erected four additional satellite hospitals in Arnau de Vilanova, Bellvitge, Can Ruti (Badalona) and Parc Sanitari Pere i Virgili (attached to Vall d’Hebron, in Barcelona). None of them have the level of disuse like that of Broggi, a ghost building in which there is practically no movement.

At the height of the pandemic, the Moisès Broggi satellite hospital was used to patients in critical condition with covid. However, once the severity of the disease subsided and all the professionals who had been working on the virus until then began to relocate, the Broggi annex was reassigned. began to empty itself of its patients.

“Last year, only vaccination against covid and a few scans were carried out there. There are no professionals and, above all, no nurses. And if you don’t have nurses, you cannot have beds in intensive care units: they are the ones who are with the patients, who give them the drugs, ”medical sources of Moisès Broggi told this newspaper.

However, Hi assures us that “The fact that there are no hospitalized patients does not mean that there is no activity”. “The activity of hospitals is much broader than the hospitalization of patients”, indicate departmental sources.

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