How can we guard against this new risk?

Computer virus, hacking, password theft, unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, malicious intent… Cybercrime has become a real scourge on a global scale for all companies. It therefore becomes essential for a professional or a company to protect themselves and cover the risks resulting from attacks against computer systems.

In particular, it is very important for companies to identify the issues related to these risks and to put in place appropriate measures to protect themselves against them. Prevention is therefore essential. Unfortunately, it happens that despite compliance with the implementation of preventive measures, a computer incident may occur and the company’s information systems are contaminated. In this case, the transfer of these risks to an insurer is a reliable and fast solution. Why, in fact, insure against cyber risks? How to choose the right insurance?

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A scourge that now affects all companies Worldwide, the cost of cybercrime is $6 trillion a year. In France, the figures are just as eloquent since in 2020, more than half of French companies have already been the victim of a cyberattack or attempted fraud following a malicious computer act.
Indeed, 57% of French companies declare having experienced at least one cyberattack in 2020 and 58% of these cyberattacks had an impact on the company’s activity. In total, the losses suffered are estimated at 1.23 billion euros.
All companies are concerned regardless of their size, activity or geographical location. Companies in the construction sector are not immune to this scourge. The widespread use of computers and the Internet, the multiplicity of exchanges with suppliers, customers, purchasing platforms, means that no company or professional can now consider themselves immune.

Many forms of cybercrime and sometimes very serious consequences
Via contamination (viruses, logic bombs) or intrusion into computer systems, cybercrime takes many forms and can have very serious consequences: – malfunction, or even shutdown, of the management system of a company, a website, of an industrial tool;
– theft of data relating to the activity, belonging to third parties, employees, customers, suppliers;
– ransom demands, cyber-extortion and blackmail for computer blocking or the dissemination of confidential information;
– sabotage or deletion of data, malicious acts by third parties, employees or former employees;
– infringement of intellectual property through the public dissemination of confidential information, patents, etc.

The consequences of these attacks vary according to their nature: they most often result in a loss of earnings in terms of turnover, in costs for restoring data and information systems and therefore, in the end, by lower profits In the most serious cases, some VSEs have even been led to cease activity.
Prevention: the first way to protect yourself against cyber risks
In order to reduce the cyber risk and its consequences, it is first necessary to put in place rules and means of prevention:
establish procedures: • make backups of all data at least once a week,
• make regular copies of backups and store them in a separate location on your computer system to preserve the data,
• manage and control authorizations and access rights to computer systems,
• reserve access to data only for employees who need it for the performance of the tasks entrusted to them,
• set up password rules,
• develop a business continuity plan,
• audit, if necessary and depending on the size of the company, the security of information systems,
protect and secure: • strengthen the security of equipment, those connected to the internet, and including mobile devices
• equip all workstations in the company with anti-virus and keep these anti-viruses up to date, apply software patches,
raise awareness and train company employees:
• learn to be careful with questionable emails,
• check that the company’s partners are also exercising caution,
• share rules for the proper use of IT tools throughout the company.

Insuring against cyber risks
Faced with this new scourge, it is now essential for a company to obtain insurance, both to be helped in the event of an attack and to be covered against the financial consequences of acts of cybercrime.

The insurance contract offered by SMABTP meets this dual objective. Designed specifically for construction and real estate professionals, it provides:
24/7 support:
Faced with a cyber-attack of which it has been the victim, the company has access to an assistance and crisis management platform which will help it to determine the nature and extent of the attack and of course advise it on the actions to be taken to limit the damage and repair it;
coverage of financial losses resulting from a cyber incident:
The insurance covers the cost of repairing the insured’s computer systems: decontamination costs, data reconstruction costs as well as operating losses when the company’s activity is impacted.
The insured is guaranteed in the event of a claim by a third party, following a compromise of personal data or breach of confidential data (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.) when his liability is engaged (for example in the event of transmission by the assured of a virus).
In the event of a personal data breach, the company must notify each person of the compromised data. This is an obligation under the European regulations on personal data (GDPR entered into force in May 2018). The costs inherent in this process are covered by the insurance contract and the insured benefits from support on his obligations and the procedure to be implemented in such a situation.

To know more
Discover the contract CYBER RISKSa contract intended for all companies, whatever their size and whatever their sector of activity.

The SMA group is present everywhere in France; find the Advisor closest to you.

Some examples of cybercrime acts

ransom note
A virus accesses the computers of an architect’s office and encrypts the data.
The agency receives after 48 hours a ransom demand in bitcoins to obtain the decryption key. The blackmail announcing the doubling of the amount claimed every 24 hours and unable to recover the data, after 72 hours, the manager preferred to pay the equivalent of €6,500.

Data encryption
A VSE in the construction industry with 8 employees is the victim of a total paralysis of its activity, following the encryption of customer data and the locking of business software. This paralysis leads to the liquidation of the company.

Access to personal data

Via an internet access, the customer file of an SME doing internet sales is hacked. The hackers then have personal data on individuals, as well as their login ID and password. Many individuals use the same passwords from one website to another, the hacked data was then exploited to access other sites and allow financial transactions.

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