How the nuclear industry plans to tackle the labor shortage

Build the six EPR2s announced by Emmanuel Macron during his Belfort speech in February 2022 will require arms, and many arms. The executive, which has made the joint development of renewable energies and the new nuclear program its guideline in terms of energy policy, intends to build these new generation pressurized water atomic reactors in order to secure France’s energy supply.

A titanic project (an option has been put for eight other EPR2), 30 years after the construction of the last plant to date. Hence the report that the Group of French nuclear energy manufacturers (Gifen) has just submitted to the Ministers of Energetic transitionAgnès Pannier-Runacher, and theIndustryRoland Lescure, and devoted to the capacities and needs of the sector.

Ordered at the end of January, this document is supposed to provide answers to the challenges to be met in this area, starting with the lack of manpower. “This relaunch is a huge opportunity for

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