In 2022, inflation reached an unprecedented peak in almost forty years

Unheard of in nearly four decades. Inflation rose to +5.2% over the whole of 2022, according to INSEE (against +1.6% in 2021). Such a rate has not been seen since the mid-1980s. And again, the second half of the year was marked by a monthly increase in prices at a rate higher than this annual average (with another jump of 5.9% in December, compared to the same month of the previous year, for example). In detail, energy is leading the wildest increases (+23.1% in 2022, but +66% for “liquid fuels” and +40.9% for gas). Transport is not to be outdone (+10.4%, driven by air transport in particular), as is food (+6.8%, but up to +17% for oils and fats). The increase was more moderate for manufactured goods and services (+3% each). Alas, this surge is probably not over: prices should rise again at the start of this year, already warned INSEE and the Bank of France. The latter envisaged, in December, a stable inflation rateestimated, at that time, at +6% in 2022, as in 2023.

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